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ALLYSON WHITNEY FOUNDATION SQUAD Supporting Young Adults with Rare Cancers


AWF provides 'Life Interrupted Grants' to young adult patients battling rare cancers, to ease their financial burden, so they can concentrate on healing. We aid in a global wide research data base for a rare cancer SCCC, also providing HOPE comfort bags to oncology suites.

The organization is volunteer based and we are passionate about what we do.

Facts There are 85,000 young adults (16-36) diagnosed every year in the United States. Cancer is a global issue. In 20 years, survival rates have not greatly improved for young adults battling cancer worldwide. There are limited resources for treatment and young adult cancer patients have unique needs. Young adults patients are caught between pediatric and adult care; in most cases the diagnosis is a rarer form of the disease.

Join our #AWFSQUAD and Run for a Cause & Get the Applause. Commit to raise a minimum of $1,200 USD and you receive guaranteed race entry, with an AWESOME FEELING as you help a cancer patient with a 'Life Interrupted Grant!' How your donation helps $20 - $100 SUPER SUPPORTER! Providing a coffee/tea gift card or a HOPE comfort bag for a cancer patient.

$500 - $1,000 You are a CHAMPION in the hearts of our warriors, lending a hand with medical bills, a month's rent & alleviate stress.

$1,500 - You are a LUMINARY, bringing light, by providing a full 'Life Interrupted Grant'.

Our inspiration Ally, 25 years young, was taken from us way too soon from cancer. Ally could be your daughter, sister, family or friend.

Ally's words resonate with us still today, "In order to go through this, you need to have HOPE."

Won’t you lend a supportive hand to give hope? ALL CANCERS MATTER, even rare ones. Contact barbara@allysonwhitney.org or melissa@allysonwhitney.org

Visit our website: www.allysonwhitney.org

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