Allyson Whitney 5k Run for Love

East Coast Meets West Coast
Based on the growth & popularity of the event over the past 6 years, a large number of people from across the Tri-State NY area will be in attendance at Kauneonga Lake. A passionate group will walk again in Linda Mar, CA. Join us east or west or YOU too can start a walk/run or fundraiser in your area!

Ready, Get Set, Go! Run for LOVE!

Allyson Whitney 5k Run for Love Event Walk/Run
Saturday May 12, 2018

10:00 AM
Day of registration opens at 8:00 AM

3594 Rt 55 Kauneonga Lake, New York
Located in scenic Sullivan County, Near Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Join us for 3.1 miles around beautiful Kauneonga Lake.

WEST COAST - *See fundraiser below

This year, we are turning it up orange, in honor of Schulyler, 21 years old,
who kicked cancer to the curb!

Why Run for Love?

This event was created in love and memory of our inspiration Allyson Whitney Strong, a young adult battling a rare cancer. Runners and walkers come together to represent someone they love, in memory or in honor of.

Rain or shine, warm or cold, at this event you can feel the love!
What else is happening on this awesome, inspiring day?

  • Pre-race nosh breakfast, delicious Java-Love coffee, along withthe best bagel ever from the Monticello Bagel bakery
  • Spin warm up
  • AWF run shirt (IF you register by
  • Create a poster for your loved one
  • Face painting
  • Medals for children (11 & under)
  • Light BBQ lunch
  • Shop the AWF boutique
  • Feeling AWESOME!


    • Cash Awards: Top 3 Overall Runners Finishers (Female & Male)
    • Non-Cash Prizes: Top 3 Female and Male Runners in Age Groups: 11 & under, 12-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Registration Open until 5/8/2018

Adults (18+) $30, Teens (12-17) $20, & Children 11 and under is $15

Register Now

Want to make a bigger impact?

Get Your Run or Walk Sponsored with Pledges

Gather pledges and raise money for your 5K! Ask your friends, family & colleagues 9enemies) to sponsor your race. No amount is too small! Raise $175 and the swag incentives & free registration begin. The more money you raise for the cause, the more incentives we add!
If you collect check/cash pledges, record donations & bring them to Race Day Donation tent.

Please make (or ensure) all checks payable to:
Allyson Whitney Foundation, Inc. Memo: Allyson Whitney 5K, Participant Name

Start Fundraising Download Toolkit
Download our fundraising toolkit for lots of extra information!

Build a Team

Team up with family, friends and/or coworkers to walk or run in honor or memory of someone who is dear to your heart! Find creative ways to let people know you are all part of the same team – don’t forget to indicate your team name on the registration form.

Meet Lucia, our biggest fundraiser ever, pictured with her team. She's ready for the competition of fundraising to begin!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Proceeds from this event benefits Life Interrupted Grants, HOPE comfort bags & funds innovative research.

Learn more about Sponsorship opportunities! We would LOVE to have you join us!:

Download Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship details, please download the 2018 Sponsorship Letter:

Download Sponsorship Letter

You will also need to fill out our Sponsorship agreement, which is available for download below, or can be filled out electronically here.

Download Sponsorship Agreement

Meet Aimee, Hayley and Angela in the Sponsor Area.

Delete Blood Cancer

In honor of Gil – We will once again be doing bone marrow swabbing for Delete Blood Cancer; placing you on a National Registry. YOU may be the one to save a life! YOU may be the MATCH! Get swabbed! Look for the red tent by the pavilion.

Contact for any questions

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

Help us, help others at the AWF Run for Love 5k Event

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