Allyson Whitney Foundation Big Sur

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AS OF 12/1 we do not have any more entries into BIG SUR (we are hoping BIG SUR WILL RELEASE more to us as promised)

WE are a VIP CHARITY PARTNER for the beautiful BIg SUR Marathon with your fundraising minimum met

  • You will receive a a VIP charity registration to the event
  • Badger #AWF squad running shirt
  • An AWF duffel bag
  • Personal fundraising page
  • Training plans
  • Emails and updates along the way
  • Race weekend fun
    ALREADY REGISTERED? We still want YOU! Keep reading! WE STILL NEED YOU!
    The Allyson Whitney Foundation was created by Allyson's family and friends to pursue her goal to help other young adults on a cancer journey. She was 24 years young, graduating from college with her life in front of her, then abruptly diagnosed with a rare, poor prognosis cancer named small cell. She lost the fight 14 months later, but never gave up HOPE.
    Ally could be your sister, daughter, friend or relative... Most young adults have a rare form of cancer or they are just too young for 'that' cancer. Where should they turn for help? These cancer warriors need your help! There are no young adult clinical trials, no young adult accommodations in hospitals (now recently starting). Young adults have delayed cancer diagnosis and survival rates have not improved in over 20 years! Help to give hope so they can concentrate on healing and not how to get to treatment or pay rent.
    We are a grassroots national organization, that is utilized as a resource for many institutions, such as, City of Hope, St Jude, MDAnderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and many more.
    While Allyson’s time with us was short, she now lives on forever in the hearts of those who loved her, but also makes a difference to many others. Our inspiration has turned into many individuals who inspire us.
    Join our all volunteer team at #AWFSQUAD and make a direct impact, lending a hand with a 'Life Interrupted Grant'® for medical and living expenses to a young adult.
    Already have your registration? We will send you an AWF PurVida bracelet to show off to your friends with a donation minimum of $100. The perks will keep going the more you raise! Hit $250 and we will send you a race shirt. We have lots of swag to give away!
    Be AWESOME and Start your fundraiser NOW click the button above!
    Everyone involved gets bragging rights!
    She is ready to answer any questions you may have and get you registered as a VIP runner!! Be someone's hero today :)
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